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Who is Genesis Metalworks?
|1 October 2021.

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Genesis Metalworks, formerly known as Parsons Welding, is a family company owned by Jordan Lodder and located in Dundas, Ontario.

With over 35 years of welding experience, Genesis Metalworks provides many different services, including metal fabrication, mobile welding, CNC plasma cutting, and repairs.

Our mission is to bring our expertise to every welding job, fabrication, or mobile repair with unmatched professionalism.

We service customers in Flamborough, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and surrounding areas of Ontario.

We are licensed and insured. Serving both commercial and residential clients, we work on equipment such as loaders, backhoe buckets, and other heavy equipment. 

Getting repairs is as simple as bringing the truck, trailer, or part into our facility, coming up with a plan of action and estimate, and repairing your weld.

From aluminum pot handles to aluminum dump boxes or frames, we provide metalwork from the smallest job to the heaviest equipment.

We serve agricultural, automotive, commercial, and residential clients, and our mission is to please you. We guarantee our work and highly value your business.

Known for our outstanding reputation in the welding industry, we provide personalized and efficient service. 

Our shop is located at 368 Mill St. Dundas L9H 2M1 (the old WPE building across from Turkstra Lumber).

Come in with a design or concept, and we can execute the metalwork to your exact specifications. Need on-site welding services? We can do that, too.

Let us know how we can help keep your equipment and facilities safe and your business working.

Contact us for a free estimate!

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Let us know how we can help keep your equipment and facilities safe and your business working.

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