Certified Welding Repair in Hamilton

Expert welding repair services to get your equipment moving and your business back to full operation.

Welding You Can Trust

If you are a landscaper, farmer, contractor, or equipment operator and your machines need welding repairs, then you know that time is ticking against your bottom line. When crews sit idle, project deadlines get pushed, and billable hours for the heavy machinery you invested in begins to erode.

No more downtime

We understand the importance of reliable weld repairs and time-efficient service so you can get back to operating at full capacity quickly. Our welding repair service is ready and capable, with the equipment to mend a range of different types of metals, including steel, cast iron, aluminum, and more.

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Great group of people, quick turnaround time and they can build and repair anything! Always a great experience with the fine folks at Genesis Metalworks!

Landon Wieske

Can’t Make It Into Our Welding Repair Shop?

Genesis Metalworks doesn't just repair equipment in our welding shop, we provide on-site mobile welding to make it even more convenient and time-saving for our customers. We offer emergency welding services, as well as welding for long-term jobs, so you can have us on standby when your machines come back from a project and are in need of maintenance work.

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Why Choose
Genesis Metalworks’ Welding Repair Shop?

Every day that your snowplow, skid steer, or other trade asset is out of commission, your bottom line takes a hit. We have a full-service, 15,000 sq. ft. equipped facility that can repair tears in sheet metal, cracks in plow shovels, or busted buckets. We understand how crucial your equipment is to the profitability of your operations, and we will get you back to business fast with welding repairs you can trust.

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Trusted Welding Repairs

When you are paying for a welder to repair your equipment, you don’t want a patch job. We know how important it is to get reliable welding repairs completed on your machines, and that’s why our repair operations ensure a timely turnaround without sacrificing quality.

Unlike other welding companies that will get you in and out as fast as they can take your money, repairing our customer’s equipment is more than just filling gaps. We promise to do the job right — no sloppy beads or excess grinding — to make our work look professional. Welding is a science and we get it right from the start. Our welding technicians consider all of the factors that influence a metal joint — the thickness and shape of the base metal, suitability for the type of weld, and the filler metal required. We will ensure the right weld for the right repair.

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The Right Weld
for the Right Repair

When you're welding together two metals, the type of weld you use is just as important as the actual approach. Choosing the most suitable welding method will improve the weld's durability and result in a flaw-free finish.

At Genesis Metalworks, we can weld everything, from MIG and TIG welding to STICK welding — trucks, trailers, heavy machines, and more.


Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is like fine cabinetry. We typically apply this welding method when there is a high chance of warping or discoloring from the heat applied during the weld. TIG is typically used on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys.


Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is known for its versatility, speed, and ability to produce strong, high-quality welds. It is often used for applications such as welding structural components, automotive frames, pipelines, and sheet metal fabrication.


Stick welding, also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), is a welding process that utilizes a consumable electrode coated in flux to join metals. Stick welding is versatile and can be used in various positions, including flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead, and even in tight spaces. It is commonly used in construction, fabrication, maintenance, and repair work for its simplicity, portability, and ability to weld a wide range of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and some non-ferrous alloys.

Signs of a Bad
Welding Repair

Spatter, undercut, visible lack of fusion, and cracking are all signs of poor welds. While welds must be tested for penetration to truly determine if they are reliable, when you’re hiring a welder to fix your equipment, spotting cracks down the centre of the bead, colour, and beads are some obvious signs that the welds are too thin.

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Welds Repaired
By Craftsmen

Our reputation for quality and on-time delivery is rooted in our tenured team of meticulous craftsmen. The team of welders at Genesis Metalworks fabricates custom metal designs by cutting, shaping, welding, and installing projects using a variety of metals and welding techniques.

Based in Hamilton, we serve all surrounding municipalities throughout the golden horseshoe including Burlington, Oakville, Dundas, and Ancaster.

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Community Bio: Steel City’s Welding Shop

Hamilton, Ontario has a long history of metalworking dating back to 1854 when it was created as a competitor for Toronto's heavy industry. Today, Hamilton is one of Canada's largest centres for automotive and steel production, second only to the greater Toronto area. With the amount of different metal fabrication companies in Hamilton, supporting a range of industries across North America, it's easy to see why Hamilton is often referred to as "Canada's Steel City".

Today, metalwork, such as welding repairs, continues to be a major industry in Hamilton, and welding professionals work with a large number of small and medium-sized companies. Welding professionals help businesses achieve their goals on time and within budget.

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Let's repair your equipment so you can get back to business.