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What is Custom Welding?
|1 November 2021.

Image shows man working on custom welding project.

Much like custom woodworking or custom home building, custom welding allows you to get a product made based on your specifications. This type of welding is often necessary when you need a product that is not mass-produced and has a unique shape or function.

Do you need a trailer 4 feet wide and 9 feet long with a custom tool rack? Do you need a railing built to fit a specific area of your home or business? These are just a few examples where custom welding may be required.

Instead of trying to make something work, custom welding can allow you to build a product specific to your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Welding?

1. Ensured Compatibility

If your product need is unique, there’s a significant probability that a standard product won’t meet your design requirements.

Custom welding work ensures that the metal is shaped into the correct size and shape to accomplish its job. It can also be used to modernize old parts or to recreate a custom component.

2. Long Life Expectancy

The amount of strain put on a metal component will be minimized with precise dimensions and form, resulting in less wear and tear. 

Customized metal alloys can be fortified to give additional resistance to chemical exposure or severe temperatures, allowing you to avoid repairs or replacements. 

Even a single unique modification to your alloys or components can lead to huge long-term savings due to better durability and performance.

3. Accurate Results

When a metal component is welded to your exact requirements, you can see an improvement in efficiency, production, and, ultimately, the bottom line of your organization. 

A specialized component, for example, may have increased load capacity, allowing you to transport the same amount of material in fewer loads, greatly speeding up the production process.

Final Notes

Custom welding is a unique service that requires the right tools and experience to bring your design to life.

Here at Genesis Metalworks, we handle every task with the same level of attention to detail and excellent customer service, no matter how big or small the project is. 

We bring our expertise to every welding job, fabrication or mobile repair with a professionalism that is unmatched.

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